Monday, 31 May 2010


This label is practically all work I have done for the University module "Exploring and Developing Practise in Animation". The chosen subject is "Fight in Animation".
This project gave me the big opportunity to explore and study what I am interested in for most of the time, outside the campus. I realised that instead of watching all sorts of fights online for no reason, I could watch and analyse them as a subject of the anatomy, science of the movement in animation. It means entertainment and studies done at the same time.
So I have made the decision to explore the fight in animation and take as much information as possible out of it. I have mainly focused on the battle between two characters without a use of weapons.
Researching for this module I looked at various kinds of images from media representing scenes of the clash of two characters. So I looked at stills from boxing actions of Mike Tyson, Jake Lamotta, Muhamad Ali versus Frazier, (which was incredible by the way) and few other remarkable boxing scenes. After that I looked in MMA cage fighting, which is the most popular entertainment in the world of martial arts these days, interesting in fighters like Emelianenko, Liddel or Silva- three of the best performers in the ring. I also went through some cartoons and comic books, for example: “Popey”, “Tom and Jerry”, “Incredibles”, “Hulk”, “Spiderman” or “Thor”. Last two series of images were from mythology and science-fiction areas but they appeared not to be very useful because most of them presented two characters fighting each other with weapons. It is not that I totally rejected them. It just I haven't taken them as on of the prior things to look at.
To extend the range of my studies I have practised my drawing skills using the book of Eadweard Muybridge, “Muybridges Complete Human and Animal Locomotion” to see the exact picture of an anatomy of a fight of two male postures in different camera angles. I am talking here about muscle movements that go with changing positions of those parts of the body that are responsible for the fight motion like punch, kick or wrestling grip. It is a good lesson of drawing based on looking and remembering.

The aims of my studies are not only the analysis of the fight in animation itself but also the application of translation the life action into an animated cartoon, translation of two real life action figures into two animated fighting characters.

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